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Let's face it.  This site will probably always be under construction in one way or another.  I am always stumbling across more graffiti and more information on the people who write it.  My interest in graffiti was sparked when I worked a case as a forensic document examiner that involved some vandalism using markers and etching solution.  Since I have to make a living doing something other than graffiti research, new content on this site is probably slow to appear but the pages are growing day by day so don't give up.  New content is being added as fast as I can get it written.  In the meantime, questions or comments can be sent to


Best train graffiti with a character

I spotted this on the side of a boxcar in a neighboring town.  It really is the best scene with an anthropomorphic character that I've photographed.  The incorporation of elements of the boxcar itself is clever.  The painting has a real Tim Burton feel to it.  But something about the painting also reminds me of the children's book writer and illustrator Delphine Durand.

Best local roll call

Not to mention that it is the only local roll call, so what does that really say about the quality?


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